Making Roses

15 02 2011

Last week I ventured out into Xiamen to buy some baking supplies.  I wanted to buy a pastry bag and icing tips to decorate the cupcakes I so love to make.  I searched on taobao, and after making an ill-advised trip to Metro to see if they sold what I was looking for, and it turned out they did but were out of stock.  They were also out of stock of most of the other things I wanted to buy.  When I got back from Metro, I remembered that you can search by location on taobao, and found some places in Xiamen that sold baking supplies.  So off I went, and eventually found one of the places that was based in an apartment block which was not so easy to find.  In fact one guard I asked at another apartment block said he couldn’t understand, despite having the address written in Chinese which the other two guards I asked had no problem understanding; I guess he just wasn’t feeling helpful.  Anyway, I managed to buy a pastry bag, 24 icing tips and a tip adapter (so you can easily switch the tips mid-icing).  I have however discovered I’m going to need a bigger tip adapter for some of the tips (they didn’t have any at the place I went to), and probably another pastry bag for the large adapter. 

I made some cakes, and since it was valentines day I decided to ice them as roses.  Here’s how they came out.


It was my first time at trying this, and I think they’re not bad.  There’s definitely room for improvement, which just means I’ll have to make more delicious cupcakes.  Oh no!




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