Spring Festival Aftermath?

18 02 2011

Yesterday I popped into Carrefour to purchase some bits and pieces.  I’m disappointed that they didn’t have any chocolate finger biscuits, which they haven’t had for about a month (not a good sign for future imported foodstuffs if you ask me), real cheese (though of course they had the “plastic” sliced stuff), butter or hamburger buns.  In fact the bread section is pretty lacklustre and expensive, so I tend to buy my bread elsewhere.  In fact it hasn’t been a great few weeks at the supermarkets, especially annoyed at my trip to Metro last week when they were out of stock of most of the things I wanted.  Let’s hope this is just a temporary setback due to the Spring Festival.  My favourite restaurant on campus is also out of my favourite dishes at the moment.  Why can’t these places plan in advance for post-spring festival demand?

Anyway, whilst I was browsing the shelves, I did notice this boo-boo caught my eye:


If you can’t read it (sorry for the poor quality photo), it’s “Brown Sugar with Cane”.  I don’t think so…




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