A Bad Week

26 02 2011

I haven’t had a great week.  I’ve been overly tired due to a cold and roommate issues, and therefore haven’t gotten a lot done.  On Tuesday I was bedridden because I had a cold, so I didn’t do anything that day, and I’ve been slowly recovering since then.  I did go to my class on Wednesday afternoon, and the Advanced Algorithms course is as daunting this time as it was last time.  Maybe more on that another time.  It’s Saturday now though, and I am feeling almost as good as normal.

Last night I decided to make some chocolate corn flake cakes since I have lots of corn flakes and wanted some nice chocolate desserts, and these cakes are extremely simple to make.  The corn flakes I used aren’t that great actually, so if I make them again I may try another brand, or if I’m feeling very luxurious splash out for Kellogs.  Anyway, here’s some pictures of my yummy cakes.






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