Weekly Musings

6 03 2011

I’ve nearly crashed my bike twice this week, neither of which was really my fault.  The first time was when (as usual) a car pulls out onto the bike road (which runs parallel to the main road) without looking, and it’s worse that this particular junction is at the bottom of a hill so you may have picked up some speed, and I had to brake very sharpish to slow down.  The second incident involved another cyclist who for reasons beyond me was cycling on the left hand side, which would be the wrong side in China.  I was going faster than him, and on the correct side of the road, so decided to undertake.  Just at the moment I was about to go past, he decides to turn at the last possible moment into the entrance of a housing complex, right at the ‘end’ of the turning for this housing complex.  I had to bring my bike to a compete stop very quickly, and the guy looked surprised by what was happening.  People really need to pay more attention to their surroundings and traffic safety.

Last night I went to a cafe bar on campus called Cafe 1921.  They had live music in there, which was nice, and not that common a sight to see here.  I managed to baffle the staff by ordering a rum and coke, which after about 5 minutes of waiting, someone asked if I wanted something else because apparently the guy who knows how to make a rum and coke wasn’t there.  I was a bit beyond belief that this guy didn’t know that a rum and coke was exactly that; a shot of rum mixed with some coke, not rocket science.  Anyway, once I explained this, a light came on in someone else’s head and they promptly acknowledged what a rum and coke was and made it for me.  I decided not to order that again, and instead opted for a tequila sunrise, which wasn’t really a tequila sunrise, which is supposed to look like this (beach not included):

Tequila Sunrise

Mine was not made properly, containing only tequila and orange juice, so just looked orange and not like the sunrise the drink is titled after.  Oh well, I’ll have to try something else again next time.




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