Michael on Ice

8 03 2011

Last night I went on a class outing for Women’s Students Day.  Today it’s Women’s Day, can’t these two ‘days’ be combined into one?  I’m not aware of any Male Students Day or Man’s Day (and don’t give me ‘every day is Man’s Day’).  Anyway, we went to the newly opened ice rink conveniently located at Zhongshan Road, only 10 minutes by bus from the university.

It’s a pretty big ice rink, and by the looks of it could also be used for ice hockey, given the floor markings which looked conspicuously like an ‘ice pitch’ (what do you call an ice hockey pitch/playing field?).


The Ice Rink

In total there were about 35 people from my class at the ice rink.  Out of those people, only two were able to ice skate, and one of those was me.  A few people did start to get the hang of it after a while, but there was still a lot of falling over.  Many people just stuck to the sides and ambled around the rink that way.  After some time I decided to try changing to a larger skate size because my ankles were hurting from the skates.  On my first circuit on the larger skates I took a spectacular fall on the turn, sliding along the ice towards the wall.  After this I loosened the skates and I was back on form.  However, I have since found out that you shouldn’t let your feet/ankles be loose inside the ice skate, so maybe next time I’ll try a smaller size.


As you can see from my beautiful form, I’m definitely a contender for the 2012 Olympics.

It was a fun night, and hopefully I’ll go again soon, when my feet have recovered from the ordeal I put them through last night.




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