Saturday Night at the Movies

25 07 2011

On Saturday evening I went to see Tranformers 3.  I had to use up my last two ‘group-bought’ tickets since Cars and Harry Potter, both originally scheduled for July are now both being released in August, in part due the propaganda crap-fest (so I’ve heard) ‘The Beginning of the Great Revival’, a story about how great the communist party is.  Obviously, the third installment in the Transformers franchise was better than the second, though those who’ve seen part two know that’s not a difficult feat.  It is not up to the standard of the original in the series though.  The story isn’t that great, and the film is pretty long coming in at two and a half hours.  I’m also becoming less and less of a fan of 3D films the more I see them.  So far I’ve seen 9 films in 3D that I can remember, and the only ones that have really wowed me have been Avatar, and the animations like Rio, How to Train Your Dragon and Kung Fu Panda 2.  The final Harry Potter film is coming out soon so I’ll have to find out whether it’s worth it in 3D.  Cinemas here have far more showings of the 3D versions of films than the 2D one. 

The other problem with watching films in the cinema here is subtitles.  I’m not talking about the movies carrying Chinese subtitles throughout the entire movie, I’m entirely fine with that.  What I’m annoyed by is the lack of English subtitles in films.  The films is advertised as the English version in the cinema, as some films are dubbed into Chinese.  Of the 9 3D films I mentioned earlier, 5 of those have had non-English dialogue, none of which carries English subtitles.  There’s also no English subtitles when locations are shown on screen.  Even if you can read the Chinese subtitles fast enough to understand the non-English parts, often you’re not prepared to have to start reading the subtitles because the language switches happen very quickly, and in the original English version you would only see subtitles when needed so you would instantly know to read them.  It shouldn’t be that hard to add the English subtitles, the original version already has them! 




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