A Bad Week

26 02 2011

I haven’t had a great week.  I’ve been overly tired due to a cold and roommate issues, and therefore haven’t gotten a lot done.  On Tuesday I was bedridden because I had a cold, so I didn’t do anything that day, and I’ve been slowly recovering since then.  I did go to my class on Wednesday afternoon, and the Advanced Algorithms course is as daunting this time as it was last time.  Maybe more on that another time.  It’s Saturday now though, and I am feeling almost as good as normal.

Last night I decided to make some chocolate corn flake cakes since I have lots of corn flakes and wanted some nice chocolate desserts, and these cakes are extremely simple to make.  The corn flakes I used aren’t that great actually, so if I make them again I may try another brand, or if I’m feeling very luxurious splash out for Kellogs.  Anyway, here’s some pictures of my yummy cakes.




More Baking Goodness

17 02 2011

Last night in my downtime between watching Battlestar Galactica and studying, I decided to try my hand at making shortbread biscuits.  It’s pretty simple to make, requiring only butter, sugar and flour, so it didn’t take very long to mix it altogether and make it into biscuit shapes.  About 20 minutes later they came out of the over smelling so delicious, so I immediately ate one.  Straight out of the oven is without a doubt the best time to eat them.



Making Roses

15 02 2011

Last week I ventured out into Xiamen to buy some baking supplies.  I wanted to buy a pastry bag and icing tips to decorate the cupcakes I so love to make.  I searched on taobao, and after making an ill-advised trip to Metro to see if they sold what I was looking for, and it turned out they did but were out of stock.  They were also out of stock of most of the other things I wanted to buy.  When I got back from Metro, I remembered that you can search by location on taobao, and found some places in Xiamen that sold baking supplies.  So off I went, and eventually found one of the places that was based in an apartment block which was not so easy to find.  In fact one guard I asked at another apartment block said he couldn’t understand, despite having the address written in Chinese which the other two guards I asked had no problem understanding; I guess he just wasn’t feeling helpful.  Anyway, I managed to buy a pastry bag, 24 icing tips and a tip adapter (so you can easily switch the tips mid-icing).  I have however discovered I’m going to need a bigger tip adapter for some of the tips (they didn’t have any at the place I went to), and probably another pastry bag for the large adapter. 

I made some cakes, and since it was valentines day I decided to ice them as roses.  Here’s how they came out.


It was my first time at trying this, and I think they’re not bad.  There’s definitely room for improvement, which just means I’ll have to make more delicious cupcakes.  Oh no!


25 01 2010

The one month holiday is already upon us, and I’ve already started using my time watching TV episodes (nearly watched all of 30 Rock, and two series of The Wire) and I have a lot of films to watch too.  I finally returned all my books to the library today, and took out a new one, though whether I’ll read it or not is a different matter.  I also booked a hostel for 5 nights in Hong Kong for the beginning of February, which I’m looking forward to.

This afternoon I also decided to make some fairy cakes because yesterday I was craving donuts and cookies, generally anything tasty and sweet, and I quite like baking things.  The only problem with baking here though is the top of the cakes tend to get a bit burnt because my toaster oven only has one temperature setting.  I may purchase a better oven with temperature control when I get back from my trip to Hong Kong.  I’ve already eaten two of them and they are delicious.